Why Upgrading to DR is a Smart Investment

Why Upgrading to DR is a Smart Investment

Since its emergence in the 1980s, digital radiography has proven to be a revolutionary technology, and has transformed radiology departments all across the world.

Despite its obvious benefits, some healthcare and medical imaging facilities are hesitant when it comes to upgrading from their existing CR (computed radiography) X-ray systems, for financial reasons mostly.

However, in January 2018, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that it will start imposing a penalty of 7% on technical reimbursements for X-ray exams conducted using CR equipment. Furthermore, the penalty is set to be increased to a steeper 10% in the near future.

This has complicated the situation for facilities that are stuck with their CR systems; some are already reconsidering their stance. However, CMS’s announcement isn’t the only reason why upgrading to DR makes financial sense. Here are some more.

Speed: The Most Prominent Advantage

Let’s start off with the most important reason why facilities should upgrade to DR: speed. Digital radiography systems are significantly quicker at acquiring X-ray images than computed radiography systems, which leads to much more expedient patient care.

CR systems capture images using photo-stimulated luminescence screens contained in a cassette. A reader is then required to convert the captured image in the cassette into an image that can be stored and displayed. This process takes a lot of valuable time to produce the images doctors require to begin treatment and make decisions.

DR systems, on the other hand, consist of flat panel detectors that capture images and transfer themdirectly to a digital database from where they can be viewed across all the departments, workstations and facilities that are a part of the network.


While initial cost of DR systems may be higher, they’re more cost effective than CR readers over the long term. Unlike DR systems, CR readers have many moving parts, and are therefore, more likely to require replacement parts and regular on-site maintenance.

Increased Efficiency: The Bottom Line

The high efficiency of DR systems leads to more expedient patient care, thereby allowing facilities to increase patient throughput. The more patients a facility serves, the more the revenue generated.

Time is money.



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