Why Digital Radiography Makes Urgent Care Centers More Effective

A strong urgent care center has a combination of quick patient processing as well as high-quality care. In some cases, it can be easier said than done to strike this balance. However, some strategic upgrades and investments can do just that. Here’s how adding digital radiography to your urgent care centers may give the boost that you need.

For one thing, in an environment where speed matters, digital radiography is the perfect complement. By using this newer equipment, you can save time not only directly via quicker processing, but indirectly. Digital radiography has a much lower reject rate than conventional radiography, which means less time wasted retaking images. As a bonus, this means less radiation exposure in any given visit as well. Digital radiography also allows you to store your images in the cloud, versus a filing cabinet.

Another thing that we should talk about is image quality. The last thing you want to do is misdiagnose a patient, then have them need to go to a hospital because their need is now an acute need. Digital radiography helps in this mission by making it easier to manipulate the images you capture. The ability to look at a given body part at different angles and zoom in as needed ensures that you have the best chance possible of making that proper diagnosis. 

Urgent care centers, like any business, thrive off of staying efficient, and digital radiography fits neatly into that. If you’re looking to try and cut down on wasted time and storage issues, start off by consulting with an expert industry partner like ExamVue X-Ray Solutions today. We can showcase our suite of options while helping you clarify any questions. Along with this, we offer a   5-5-5 Coverage Program to provide top protection and support for your products for 5 years. 

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