Why Are Cesium Iodide Detectors Better Than Any Other Detectors

As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) compliance and clear imaging are a constant concern for service providers. These issues haven’t been resolved because we have yet to find a material that can detect radiation from X-ray particles to full efficiency—as such we continue striving to find a chemical that can offer a detective quantum efficiency of 100%.

X-ray detectors use different materials in their construction and each material differs in the effectiveness with which it produces X-ray images. Commonly used materials include sodium iodide, bismuth gadolinium oxysulfide and cesium iodide, each offering unique DQE ratings when used in detectors.

Among these three candidate materials, cesium iodide is by far the best to use in flat panel detectors.

DQE of Cesium Iodide Detectors—The Tipping Point

Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) of your detectors is one of the most important considerations when investing in your new digital radiography equipment. The DQE tells you how sensitive the materials used in the panel are to the ionizing effects of X-rays. Panels with higher DQE ratings are much more sensitive to ionization and therefore require less radiation to produce a clear X-ray image.

Cesium iodide detectors have some of the highest DQE ratings compared to other DR flat panel detectors in the market. Studies indicate that these detectors have a DQE of 65%—at least three times as high as the DQEs of other detectors. This basically means that cesium iodide detectors need only one-third of the radiation needed by other detectors to render images of superior quality.

Other advantages of using cesium iodide detectors, like ours, include:

  • Minimal scattering for the best possible resolution.
  • Not using glue to deposit cesium iodide ensures long term stability and ambient compatibility.

Implications for Your Imaging Facilities

Considering the cost-effectiveness of cesium iodide flat panel detectors and their higher detective efficiency, you gain two basic advantages:

  • Better ALARA compliance—Cesium iodide detectors don’t need as much radiation as other detectors. You won’t have to expose your patients to higher radiation doses.
  • Cost effective DR upgrades—Since cesium iodide detectors are cheaper to manufacture, they also cost less than detectors that use other materials.


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