What is Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)?


What is Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)?

In the world of medicine, there are times where every second counts. This is one of the reasons we design our ExamVue detectors to be fast and user-friendly. Conventional Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) can be difficult and inefficient, constantly subjecting x-ray operators to the constraints of panel positioning. Fortunately, our DR panels have been utilizing full-field AED since 2014.

Full-Field AED:

  • Uses the entire array sensor to trigger the acquisition process;
  • Does not contain a chip that could potentially break;
  • Detects exposure anywhere on the surface of the panel;
  • Makes positioning less complicated; and
  • Detects low intensity exposures.

Additionally, our AED technology triggers consistently at low exposures even with difficult shots, such as lateral lumbar spines, or with low power generators.

Our patented technology provides large area coverage and unrestricted time windows, creating a comfortable and efficient operating experience for x-ray acquisition. As such, operators are able to place their subject anywhere on the flat panel detector, and achieve the crisp, clear images they’re looking for.

If you’d like to learn more about ExamVue offerings, please feel free to contact us.

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