Seeing Radiography Evolved

The digital radiography field, in and of itself, marks a general evolution for the entire industry. The ability to store images in a variety of new and efficient ways, not to mention strides in terms of safety and speed, are something that any medical setting is paying attention to. However, there are other trends across radiography in general that could build even further in this area. Here are some key points of potential.

For one thing, especially in medical imaging centers, digital radiography has helped a lot in terms of more accurate diagnosis due to better image quality and lower errors. But is it possible to go further? When looking at the potential of artificial intelligence, this very much could happen. Imagine having a secondary line of defense to look at images and not only target potential illnesses, but also anomalies in the image. This will only further the diagnostic/accuracy benefits. 

Another thing that bears mentioning is the fact that the role of radiography professionals is also anticipated to grow. For example, automation may be able to grow to cover some areas that technicians cover, like looking over images, charts, and data repeatedly. But this isn’t about making these professionals obsolete, but giving them the opportunity to play more active roles on a care team for a patient. 

Digital radiography is one of the key ways that the industry and technology have evolved over the last few years. However, this isn’t where it ends. You want to make sure that you have all the tools in place to help make strategic upgrades to help develop your practice or business. A lot of this starts with expert industry partners like  ExamVue Digital X-Ray. Be sure to take advantage of the 5-5-5 Coverage Program. All equipment you get from us will be supported and protected over a 5-year timeline.

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