Renting or Buying Your Radiography Equipment

Upgrading your radiography equipment can be a huge net benefit to your practice or medical imaging center. You have the ability to take on larger patient loads, as well as provide a better quality of care in terms of accuracy and efficiency. However, these medical businesses are still businesses, and you need to make sure that the decision you make is a good one for your bottom line. So, when you are ready to upgrade, is renting or buying the way to go? There are good reasons for each option.

Renting equipment carries the benefit of being able to try something before buying.  It can be difficult to make a long-term commitment, and if you are down to a few options, you may want to sample them for a little while before buying in. Other benefits of renting include a lower upfront cost for the practice, as well as being able to regularly upgrade at a faster rate than if you purchased the equipment outright.

Buying equipment has its fair share of financial benefits as well. For one thing, you reap far greater tax benefits this way, and have the ability to know that you’ll have radiography equipment for the long-term, rather than having to revisit this question in a few years or so. Make sure you invest in a service plan no matter what option you take.

Renting or buying your radiography equipment can be a difficult decision for professionals to make, but it’s ultimately time well spent, both for your budget for radiography and equipment in general. Ideally, you’re going to want to work with a partner who has offerings in both areas, such as ExamVue Digital X-Ray. Whether you plan on buying or renting, your purchases will also be a part of our 5-5-5 Coverage Program. This will help you get long-term support and protection, for 5 years.

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