Minimizing Radiography Errors

When it comes to radiography errors, one single mistake can have far-reaching consequences for both patients and practice. Remember, radiography is needed for both initial diagnosis and charting treatment, both areas where you don’t want to see mistakes. In some cases, errors rise up due to bad practices, while in others, it boils down to a tech issue with the equipment you need. Sometimes, it’s a combination of both. Here’s what you need to understand about both scenarios.

When we talk about best practices to avoid radiography errors, it’s okay to recall that we are all human, and sometimes, mistakes can happen. What your goal needs to be as a medical imaging center or practice is to have enough of a fine-tuned line of communication that minor issues don’t become major ones. For example, if there’s some artifacting on an image, it’s important that the person taking the image alerts all relevant parties as soon as possible so a diagnosis isn’t made off of that. In addition, this should start a conversation about troubleshooting the machine itself.

Along with this, it’s important to make sure that you follow a stringent maintenance and service routine with any radiography equipment. A lot of the time, service professionals can find issues that will lead to errors before they actually do, the best result for everyone.

Improving your practices and equipment is the one-two punch you need to minimize the chance of radiography errors. To make this happen, you want to make sure you partner up with industry experts like ExamVue. We can help you find equipment with the latest innovations to improve accuracy and efficiency. Naturally, though, you want to make sure this level of success is for the long term. That’s why we also offer the 5-5-5 Coverage Program, which provides top protection and support for your products for 5 years. We look forward to working with you.

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