Medical Imaging and the New Year

As the new year progresses, you can expect to see a lot of innovations in the medical world and medical imaging in particular. This is due to the fact that medical imaging practices such as digital radiography play a key role in a variety of medical disciplines being able to effectively diagnose and chart the treatment of different injuries and conditions. Keeping that in mind, let’s see some of the major trends driving forward in 2020 so far.

One area where there’s a lot of progress being made is getting to optimal dose efficiency. Digital radiography, by nature, has less radiation exposure than conventional radiography. However, experts are now working to cut things even lower. This has the twofold benefit of alleviating a lot of patient concerns about radiography, while also helping keep people safe who may need regular scans due to a condition.

Another thing you can expect to see more of is data coordination. Medical images play a key role in helping professionals make educated decisions about their patients. So, for situations where multiple doctors/specialists are working on one patient, advancements in collaboration and sharing images and raw data will help them to work together.

With 2020 here in full swing, the medical imaging industry is seeing a variety of different changes, both in technology and practices. The last thing you want to do in terms of digital radiography is blindly follow a trend, though. A lot of medical businesses have tight budgets, so they should focus on investing in tech that will pay the most dividends for them. We can help make this happen for you at ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. Along with a consultation, be sure to use our 5-5-5 Coverage Program for coverage and protection up to five years after your initial purchase.

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