Managing Radiography Equipment Costs

Upgrading your radiography equipment allows for a lot of benefits for your medical practice or business. The issue is that reaping those benefits comes with a heavy cost of entry. You need to make sure that your business is ready to weather that impact long enough for you to see these long-term gains. Here’s how you can keep those initial costs under control.

The most important early calculation you need to make in this area is determining the ROI for your upgrade or purchase. To get the information you need for this, reach out to a potential provider to try and get an estimate not just for the equipment that you’re looking at, as well as the additional maintenance needed. If you include five years of depreciation, you’ll get a concrete image of what your purchase will cost over its given lifespan. With this said, if you’re going from conventional to digital, you also want to add the cost savings of not having to pay for chemicals or film, or extra technologist time for image retakes.

As a more esoteric question to think about, you need to try and weigh the profit potential in the future of your equipment as well. If you can process patients quicker or increase how much you bill due to added services, that will help grow your ROI, although this is harder to predict.

As technology develops, we are going to likely see more and more innovation in terms of radiography equipment. This is a benefit for just about any medical practice or business, but it’s important that you have a plan in place to help develop your efficiency without blowing through your budget. It’s key to have these discussions in place before you commit to a purchase. Our key goal at ExamVue X-Ray Solutions is to help with your costs. To accomplish this, we provide a variety of different digital radiography software and hardware to fit different budgets. In addition, we provide long-term protection and support for up to 5 years with our 5-5-5 Coverage Program.

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