Making Sure Your Practice Maintains Radiography Compliance

Running a medical practice is not just about providing top care for patients, but making sure that care is in keeping with medical compliance regulations. Radiography compliance is an offshoot of this, and one that is extremely important to follow. While the amount of radiation exposure you get from most procedures is not enough to be harmful, it is still radiation exposure. The stringent rules are in place to keep your patients safe, and you need to heed them. Here’s how to make sure you stay compliant at all times.

In general, the bulk of compliance violations happen when something falls into disrepair without someone’s knowledge. It may not be intentional, but it is still neglectful, and heavy fines and potential legal action will follow. This is why it’s important with radiography compliance to always have a workflow in place to ensure any radiography equipment is working safely and properly. Even if an anomaly that’s caught doesn’t seem to be a major issue at first, it’s important to note it and address it with your radiography support staff.

Note that there are other, secondary compliance elements to keep in mind as well, such as x-ray storage. Digital/cloud storage is a logistical boon, but you need to make sure that they are kept secure to protect patient’s privacy. This is a major point of contention as cloud storage becomes more and more popular. 

Compliance in any medical setting is essential and radiography compliance is no different. The best way to tackle this is through a combination of upgrading and maintenance. At 

ExamVue Digital X-Ray Solutions, we can help with both. If you need an upgrade, we can work to help set you up with a variety of digital radiography equipment for any medical setting. If you need support, our 5-5-5 Coverage Program which applies to every purchase includes top protection and support for your products for 5 years.

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