Key Benefits to Implementing PACS

The picture archiving and communication system, more commonly known as PACS, has evolved from a general novelty to an essential part of medical installations around the world. By sharing medical reports electronically, it’s become far easier to communicate as well as make it easier to access older images for comparisons and progression. With that said, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of using this technology.

For one thing, PACS makes it far easier to enhance images digitally so professionals can get a closer look at images to improve their analysis. With the key role medical imaging plays in diagnosis, it’s easy to see why these extra steps are so important. The logistical benefits are worth mentioning as well. PACS makes it far easier to manage all the data that can appear in a medical practice, whether it’s organizing them by time or by patient.

Finally, something that often gets neglected is the ease of use when it comes to the PACS interface. Because onboarding isn’t nearly as difficult, it’s easier for teams with smaller staff or with a history of legacy equipment to reap the benefits right away. 

With the stakes in place when it comes to implementing PACS and similar technology, the next thing to consider is exactly how you’re going to go about buying the necessary equipment and upgrades that you need. A strong way to help clarify this is by meeting up with an industry partner like ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. We offer consultations to help clear up questions like these before people buy, ensuring they have the right fit at all times. We also understand the importance of long-term support, which is why we offer service and protection for your purchase with our 5-5-5 Coverage Program.

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