Key Accessories for Your Digital Radiography Installation

A digital radiography installation is a major step in any setting, whether it’s a conventional medical practice or imaging center. However, the steps are often well-worth it, allowing for more efficiency at all levels as well as the opportunity to save time in areas like onboarding and support. With this said, making digital radiography work for you is about more than just buying one piece of equipment. Your digital radiography installation may have a central component like an x-ray machine, but you also need to have a wide set of accessories to let the technology do its job.

One key example of this is protective equipment. Digital radiography is inherently safer in the radiation department because it gives off less energy. However, you still want to stay safe with items like lead aprons or thyroid collars. There are many areas you can buy these, but it’s generally better for your budget to combine these with your initial equipment purchase. There may potentially be a bundle option you can take advantage of.

These aren’t the only accessories you want to use, though. In order to further efficiency at all levels, you can use items like X-ray ID printers. The purpose of these is pretty basic. When an image is completed, they will provide an alert and identification for your team. Seems simple, right? The main purpose of these is to help you process images faster, which can be invaluable in a setting like an imaging center.

Neglecting to get essential accessories for your digital radiography installation can inhibit how effective the final product actually is. So, whether you buy them alongside the equipment or afterward, you want to account for them in your budget and plans. At ExamVue Digital X-Ray you can schedule a consultation to try and figure out exactly what you need as far as accessories go. In addition, you can get long-term protection for equipment and accessories alike with the 5-5-5 Coverage Program.

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