Improving Your Medical Imaging Center with Digital Radiography

Medical imaging centers are generally an essential part of the greater medical ecosystem of a region or town. While hospitals and major practices may have x-ray/other machines of their own, many smaller ones lack the space and funds. Medical imaging centers fill that gap, so one that’s run poorly or inefficiently hurts far more patients than you may think. But how does digital radiography help simplify this issue?

For one thing, digital radiography allows imaging centers to greatly increase their processing capacity. The simpler process of capturing images and reduced instances of errors means that you can process several patients in a fraction of the time. This is especially important for medical imaging centers due to the sheer volume of patients that they process.

What happens after the image is captured matters also. Many doctors who refer their patients to imaging centers need the images back to help with their treatment plans. Rather than being reliant on paper records, digital radiography allows things to be sent quickly and securely. There’s also far lower of a risk of said records getting lost.

The longer that medical imaging centers run off of legacy systems and traditional radiography, the longer that they are hampering their ultimate success. Going for digital radiography allows more processing power and speed, as well as easier organization and communication with images after they are taken. Granted, it’s a sizable undertaking to upgrade an entire center, so you want to make sure that you have the ideal fit to get this done. ExamVue Digital X-ray Solutions is one of the best ways to get this started. We can help you determine the best pathway to and upgrade, then give you support and protection for 5 years with the 5-5-5 Coverage Program.

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