How Upgrading to DR Increases Your Clinic’s Bottom Line

How Upgrading to DR Increases Your Clinic’s Bottom Line

Digital Radiography (DR) unlocks more efficiency potential than any other imaging equipment. DR flat panel detectors are compact and produce high quality images within seconds, while supporting software provides a myriad of image manipulation abilities.

Upgrading to DR can significantly improve your service provision capabilities to make your facilities efficient, cost-effective and capable of diagnosing more patients than before.

Some of the ways in which DR can help your healthcare facilities include:

Improving Image Quality

DR flat panel detector have higher DQE ratings—detecting a higher number of X-rays than computed radiography and conventional radiography. Once a patient is exposed to X-rays, the DR flat panel is sensitive enough to detect the majority of the X-rays while reducing interference from background radiation. The result of this higher DQE is a clearer image, which provides unmatched image quality with fewer retakes.

Additionally, many modern DR systems are equipped with AED, which automates exposure control during X-ray exams. AED improves quality by ensuring that exposure amounts are as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).

Avoiding Reimbursement Cuts In Medicare

As of 2016, the US government announced reimbursement cuts from Medicare if healthcare facilities continue using computed radiography. The proposed cuts started at 7%, which will be raised to 10% as of 2023. According to experts, healthcare facilities stand to lose up to $27,568 annually if they don’t upgrade to DR equipment. Compared to an upgrade, sustained losses as large as these are a huge price to pay for sticking with CR.

Lower Radiation Exposure


Since DR imaging equipment has higher DQE ratings, it requires a smaller amount of radiation to produce high quality images. The lower requirement makes it easier for hospitals to comply with ALARA, and improving service provision qualities.

Greater Image Manipulation Capabilities

When you pair your DR flat panel detector with a high quality image acquisition software, you can essentially manipulate images for effective diagnostics. Image acquisition software allows you to magnify, rotate and pan your images while also letting you make the necessary angle measurements. The imaging software produces high resolution images within a matter of seconds, reducing the time it takes to access diagnostic images.

Low Cost Upgrades

People often assume that DR upgrades cost hundreds of thousands of   dollars—but that’s not true. It’s only brand new equipment that costs this much, while retrofit solutions cost around $40,000. There’s no difference between the imaging quality produced by either type of DR solution. As such, DR retrofits provide a low-cost option to enjoy the advantages of DR imaging.

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