How the Combination of DR & PACS Helps Enhance Patient Care

How the Combination of DR & PACS Helps Enhance Patient Care

In order to provide the best patient care possible, medical facilities need to have instantaneous and smooth 24/7 access to patient data, including X-ray images. The combination of digital radiography (DR) and picture archiving & communication systems (PACS) can help meet that need.

The combination of DR and PACS provides a myriad of advantages, including:

  • Allowing patient images to be stored in form of electronic data instead of hard-copy images.
  • Providing easy access to critical patient data.
  • Expediting the delivery of patient care.

And when you add the enhanced data security of PACS storage to that list, you realize why digital radiography systems have become a crucial component in healthcare today.

Let’s examine some additional benefits of using a PACS system to store DR images.

More Efficient Storage and Development

A primary benefit of DR systems is that they eliminate the chemical image development processes that are associated with film-based radiography systems. Updating to digital radiography with an integrated PACS system allows you to save valuable time when it comes to the acquisition, filing, retrieval, and sharing of images. It also allows you to save resources that would otherwise be utilized  acquiring development chemicals and maintaining a physical storage facility.

Better Security

All healthcare practices and facilities are required to comply with Health Information Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA) security standards regarding the security of patients’ confidential data. This can be quite a complicated and challenging endeavor, particularly if you’re trying to manage large amounts of data that includes both digital and physical records.

Such conditions increase the probability of human error, which can result in the violation of HIPAA standards. However, storing patient images and data in a PACS addresses this issue. Data security can be maintained through use of:

  • Passwords
  • Encryptions
  • Multiple-layer access clearance

Simple Backup and Disaster Recovery Options

Another great advantage of digital storage is that multiple copies of the data can be created and stored in different locations, from where they can be easily accessed by authorized personnel.

Healthcare facilities don’t need to worry about images getting lost or destroyed, and nor do they have to spend resources on maintaining physical file cabinets.

In addition to a wide variety of digital X-ray equipment, ExamVue also offers additional solutions, such as our DR acquisition software  and Examvue PACS software. Get in touch with us if you’re considering upgrading to digital radiography.

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