How On-site Digital X-rays Facilitate Prompt Orthopedic Care

How On-site Digital X-rays Facilitate Prompt Orthopedic Care

On-site digital imaging systems aid in diagnosing, as well as treating musculoskeletal issues on the spot, thereby enabling orthopedists to create a quick and effective treatment plan.

A growing number of orthopedic practices are now taking a major leap forward in X-ray technology by transitioning from Computed radiography (CR) to digital X-ray systems for improved dose efficiency and higher quality images. In fact, studies have shown that the Global Orthopedics Medical Imaging Market is estimated to reach a whopping USD 7282.20 Million by 2025!

The Role of DR Systems in Exceptional Orthopedic Care

Digital Radiograph (DR) systems have replaced X-ray films with flat panel detectors that capture the patient’s digital image and display them for viewing immediately after exposure. The technology not only helps eliminate blind spots while capturing images, but it also enables orthopedists to adjust contrast, brightness and magnification on a single exposure.

What’s more, the software stores images using a PACS, which allows for electronic storage, transmission and retrieval of medical imaging information. Essentially, this means that one or more orthopedists can access digital exam images from multiple locations through a secure web-based browser, facilitating collaboration which wouldn’t have otherwise been possible with traditional X-ray films.

Instant Insight, Accurate Diagnosis

The reason on-site DR systems are widely gaining popularity is that these systems give orthopedists the ability to adjust the window of the digital image, improving the overall clarity of the area in question. Large dynamic range combined with the excellent image resolution allows for clear diagnosis.

Reduced Radiation Exposure

While X-ray imaging is an essential part of the diagnostic process, the number of imaging tests patients have in their lifetime can lead to dangerous amounts of radiation exposure. Digital radiographs, however, offer patients a safer X-ray experience by decreasing the amount of radiation per image.

Plus, high-quality radiographs mean fewer retakes, which consequently results in reduced exposure.

Smart Stitching

ExamVue’s advanced image acquisition system offers ‘smart stitching’ advantages, which means that the equipment has the ability to combine several images into one high-quality image. This is ideal for patients who find it difficult to stand for long durations of consecutive shootings.

Undoubtedly, digital x-ray solutions have changed the face of orthopedic care with improved efficiency, portability, patient comfort and high-quality images.

Among the digital imaging solutions we provide for orthopedics at ExamVue, we offer lightweight, cassette-sized flat panel detector that are designed for convenience. Moreover, our supporting imaging software is compliant with industry standards and regulations.

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