How Digital X-Ray Systems Can Help Increase ROI

How Digital X-Ray Systems Can Help Increase ROI

For healthcare institutions and diagnostic imaging facilities, the reasons to upgrade to a digital x-ray system are virtually innumerable. From fewer health risks to simply providing patients with the best possible treatment and care, the list can go on and on. However, one benefit of digital x-ray systems that’s often overlooked is the improved Return on Investment (ROI) they provide.

In addition to providing quality healthcare services, succeeding financially is also a major priority of medical facilities. So let’s take a look at how digital x-ray systems can help healthcare institutions and facilities to improve their bottom lines.


Digital radiography equipment offer higher speed and efficiency compared to traditional systems, which leads to a significantly improved patient throughput. This means that the facility can handle more patients through the course of each day. This has a cyclic effect as an improved patient throughput leads to happier patients, and better delivery of services.


The system-wide integration and higher consistency of digital x-ray systems helps healthcare facilities in reducing the number of mistakes and retakes. With a digital system, getting the image right in the first attempt is much easier.

An Optimized Workflow

With the right digital x-ray system, you can fully integrate additional capabilities such as MWL, EMR and PACS. This optimizes and streamlines the workflow, and allows the staff to be more efficient and productive. The integration of multiple platforms and technologies can have a positive effect on the workflow of any type of business, and a healthcare organization is no different.

Decreased Down Time

Digital x-ray systems have fewer moving parts and components, which makes them less susceptible to malfunctions and mishaps. This decreases the chances of potential downtime, and also enhances the organizations ability to provide rapid servicing when pressing issues need resolving.

High Rates of Reimbursement

The reimbursement rates are lower for analog or computed radiography systems. An excellent way to improve the bottom line is to receive the highest possible reimbursement and the speed and efficiency provided by digital x-ray systems can certainly help in this regard.


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