Getting Your Patients Onboard with Digital Radiography

Patients have their reasons for being reluctant to adopt new technology or practices into their health regimen. In some cases, it may just be a natural aversion to the unfamiliar, especially if they’ve been managing long-term conditions for some time with a decent degree of success. In other cases, they may have had a bad experience in the past that keeps them from wanting to go outside their comfort zone. In either event, it falls on you as a medical professional to get them to buy into new practices like digital radiography. Here’s where you can begin.

Remember, patients are naturally going to want to see benefits from their perspective. So while the ability to cut down on physical image storage is a huge boon for you, it may not necessarily be for them. In general, there are three main points you should focus on:

Less radiation risk: Digital radiography means less radiation exposure, which is a major reason why people are often reluctant to have radiography work done in the first place.

Quicker processing: Patients want to feel like their time and schedules are being respected, so getting them in and out faster is a benefit to mention.

Better diagnosis: Explain how digital radiography will ultimately help you do your job better of detecting issues before they get out of hand.

Being able to communicate anything to your patients requires a mastery of the subject matter, which you may not always have when it comes to the latest medical technology like digital radiography. However, as it grows more popular, you’re going to get more questions about it, so it’s best to be ready. If you need a consultation or are ready to commit, we are here to help you at ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. If you do need an upgrade, we can help you when it comes to setting up different equipment, and provide support and protection through our 5-5-5 Coverage Program.

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