Flexible Radiography and COVID-19

COVID-19 is shaking all facets of the medical world to the core, as new techniques and technology are being tested and deployed to try and deal with the current crisis. One item that is seeing a lot of use is portable X-ray and other medical imaging tech, especially in the makeshift care centers being made worldwide. What are some of the ways that we are seeing that use in action?

For one thing, the speed of digital radiography is key when it comes to processing and diagnosing a high amount of patients. Effects of COVID-19 show up on respiratory X-rays, making it a key tool in order to properly chart the progress of patients. In the months to come, this information will also be key in helping us refine treatment by understanding how the virus works.

Another point to be discussed here is making sure that imaging equipment used in these settings stays protected. Machines that aren’t properly cleaned can stay contaminated with the virus for days, including metal, glass, and plastic surfaces. However, portable units are actually easier to clean due to their smaller size, which is a valuable trait to get back to safely treating patients faster. Some units even have added features to lower contamination, like space for protective bags or barcode scanners to cut down on machine-professional interaction.

COVID-19 is likely to change the way that we perceive and perform modern medicine forever. Certainly, the need for equipment like flexible, mobile, and efficient radiography is apparent, even outside of conventional disaster zones. For medical centers, individual practices, or even other organizations that may look to get involved, having a trustworthy equipment provider is key. This means reaching out to ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. We have the expertise to guide you to the equipment you need, as well as additional support for 5 years with the 5-5-5 Coverage Program.

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