Digital X-ray: A Revolution in Digital Imaging

Digital X-ray: A Revolution in Digital Imaging

1987 was a big year for the global medical industry. The year marked the advent of the first radiography system and the medical industry’s transition to digital. Since then, the evolution of digital imaging has been perpetual. Today, you’d be hard pressed to find a credible medical facility that’s still using analogue imaging equipment. Digital x-ray machines have gone mainstream and have consequently revolutionized diagnostic procedures.

Over the course of this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits digital x-ray systems bring to an imaging or medical facility, and discuss the advantages they have over their analogue counterparts.

Enhanced Image Quality

One of the primary benefits digital x-ray systems provide is significantly superior image quality. Not only are the taken images highly precise, but they’re also processed in a vastly more efficient manner, offering better quality results in a reduced amount of time. It’s clearly a win-win for any imaging facility or medical office.

Decreased Radiation Exposure

Digital X-ray equipment is unarguably safer for patients. They significantly reduce the amount of radiation patients are exposed to. Depending on the specifications of the system in question, digital x-ray machines produce up to 50% lesser radiation than their analogue counterparts.

Increased Efficiency

Digital x-ray systems provide better efficiency across the board. This allows medical organizations to significantly increase patient throughput, which results in more streamlined and efficient workflows. Digital x-ray systems are often bundled with innovative digital data storage and transmission solutions such as PACS, which makes it easier for organizations to store, share and retrieve sensitive patient information in a secure manner.

Easier to Maintain

Compared to their analogue counterparts, digital X-ray systems are much easier to maintain. Digital x-ray systems generally don’t consist of any moving part, which significantly reduces the risk of physical mishaps. Furthermore, they’re also simpler to install, support, inspect and service.

Time-Savings & Better Productivity

Conventional x-ray machines and radiography equipment are notorious for taking large amounts of processing time. With digital equipment, on the other hand, images are processed in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the X-ray images are also instantly stored on the organization’s systems after they have been processed, and can also be shared instantly. This results in faster and improved collaborations between medical professionals.

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