Digital Radiography (DR) and Diagnostic Improvements

Diagnosis is a key critical step for any patient. After all, if something is missed or misdiagnosed, not only does the true issue go untreated, but there may be side effects from the other treatment that could have been avoided. Because of this, it’s essential that figures like orthopedists and chiropractors set themselves up with the highest chance of a successful initial diagnosis as possible. Digital radiography is a key element of that. Here’s how it factors in. 

For one thing, digital radiography naturally has a higher image quality compared to conventional radiography. In some cases, there may be smaller details that are missed that could make the difference between an issue being diagnosed and missed. While the technologist will often reject images that are unusable, there can be differences between two images that pass their watchful eye. 

Along with this, in some cases, there are medical issues and conditions that can only be charted from certain angles or at certain distances. Digital radiography makes these easier to handle via the associated software with the equipment. Medical professionals have the ability to zoom, rotate, and manipulate any images they capture to make sure they have a whole look at the patient and their needs. 

Ultimately, medical treatment is built off of a successful diagnosis, and digital radiography is a key part of making sure that you have the best diagnostics possible. When you are ready to upgrade in this area, be sure to start by reaching out to an industry partner like 

ExamVue Digital X-Ray We can show you the options to improve diagnosis accuracy and detail with our equipment. Along with this, you can also utilize our 5-5-5 Coverage Program which provides top protection and support for your products for 5 years. We look forward to working with you and your practice.

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