Building Patient-Centered Radiography Care

As fields like radiography care grow by leaps and bounds, it’s important every now and again to try and bring things back to the basics. What we mean by this is making sure that you’re not losing track of patient-centered care while targeting other goals. After all, whether you’re a large clinic or small practice, failing to serve your patients will ultimately lead to them looking elsewhere. 

As a start, while you may be using a lot of specialized radiography equipment to treat and diagnose patients, it can be hard to explain a lot of these concepts to them. As a result, your team should have a set “layperson’s” explanation in place for certain equipment and practices. We should also mention the fact that many people who don’t get a lot of radiography services have a lot of apprehension about radiation exposure. While the concerns are minimal here, you want a way to explain this to them without coming across as insensitive or condescending.

Equally important is making sure that the effects of burnout among staff don’t trickle down to their patient manner. Stress in the radiography field is common, which is why managers and owners want to have methods in place to try and resolve these issues before they get out of hand.

Patient-centered care may seem like an obvious goal, but it’s not always easy to make this happen in practice. A good way to benefit both you and the patient, though, is by focusing on efficiency, and digital radiography is a perfect, mutually beneficial investment to make. With that said, you want to make sure you have the best equipment for the job, and that means consulting with ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. We also understand the importance of getting things done behind the scenes, which is why we offer production and support for your equipment for five years through the 5-5-5 Coverage Program.

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