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Buying Medical Imaging Software

Whether you’re running a medical imaging center or general practice, when making upgrades, most people focus on the physical equipment first. This i...

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Upgrading Radiography for Urgent Care

As an urgent care professional, or practice owner, you have a lot of elements to think about. Many people, for better or worse, have come to use urgen...

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Modernizing Veterinary Radiography

When it comes to modern veterinary issues, it’s a combination of not just their mission, but the issues surrounding their mission. For example, find...

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AI And Digital Radiography

Artificial intelligence means different things to different people. For some, it’s more of a buzzword with some potential down the line, while for o...

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Portable X-Ray & Healthcare Facilities

Studies conducted point out that 7.9 million bone fracture patients are treated yearly in the United States. Having portable X-Ray equipment can help ...