Applying Digital Radiography to Sports Medicine

Sports medicine has a variety of unique concerns, both due to the unique stressors placed on the body and the high potential for injuries. In the aftermath of a sports injury, the decisions made right after things happen can be crucial for not just a player’s career, but their quality of life. In addition, there are a variety of injuries that may occur, from soft tissue injuries to concussions to fractures. Because of this, working with effective radiography technology is key, and digital radiography fits into that nicely.

Part of the reason why digital radiography is so important for these applications is that there may be many different medical professionals all working on the same player at the same time, from orthopedists to neurologists to internal specialists. All of these will base their guidance and long-term plans off of what a radiographer’s image suggests, so image quality is paramount. Digital radiography leads the way here, and new AI applications allow another line of defense against anomalies.

The frequency of images is also a good point to discuss. Images are not just taken after clear injuries, but as part of the treatment process and if any injuries are suspected. Because of this, a clear system for organization and comparison is needed, and digital radiography software leads the way here.

When we talk about sports medicine and radiography, going digital is essential for general efficiency as well as more accurate types of diagnosis. This applies to those working at professional clinics, or working with an athletics organization or team. In either event, the best equipment is necessary to help you fulfill your mission. If you’re struggling to find the perfect match, consider working with ExamVue X-Ray Solutions. We have the equipment to help you find an ideal upgrade or start from the beginning. Even after you buy, we offer the 5-5-5 Coverage Program which includes top protection and support for your products for 5 years.

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