An Image Acquisition Software Checklist: Considerations While Choosing One for Your Imaging Facility

An Image Acquisition Software Checklist: Considerations While Choosing One for Your Imaging Facility

Installing flat panel detectors in your imaging facility is excellent, but you need supporting software to make sure that you enjoy the full advantages of a DR detector.

DR panels are responsible for capturing a higher number of X-rays and offer mobility in terms of the hardware. Viewing the X-ray images and editing the results is only possible through high-quality software.

As someone looking to upgrade to digital X-ray systems, you should also think of which image acquisition software you need to buy to exploit DR’s potential to the fullest. This blog will discuss some important considerations when choosing your imaging software.

Image Processing Features

Your image acquisition software should allow you to edit and manipulate the images to the fullest possible extent. This includes image editing capabilities like magnification, pan, rotation, and an image stitching tool. These tools are essential for image comparisons as treatments progress and make the diagnostic procedure easier.

DICOM Compatibility

Your software should run with all DICOM compatible hardware in your healthcare facility. Standardizing your imaging processes, according to DICOM recommendations, will ease the process of transferring and sharing medical information. The odds are that the entire facility already uses DICOM compliant hardware, so having hardware compliant software will reduce a lot of hassle with equipment set-up.

imaging equipmentAED Modes

Automatic Exposure Detection is a handy tool that can help improve image quality and reduce retake frequencies. AED automatically removes excess X-ray exposure, which might compromise image quality. It also reduces the time it takes to achieve the appropriate imaging calibrations and also eliminates the possibility of over or underexposure, which  would then require multiple retakes. Having image acquisition software installed with AED can go a long way in improving your diagnostic capability.

Image Exporting Capabilities

A large part of data accessibility also relies on how many different formats of a single file are available to the users. Some viewing platforms might not support certain formats and some formats are easier to edit than others— your software should allow for these conversions to ease data access.

PACS Compatibility

If you already have a PACS in your healthcare facility, you should make sure that your software is compatible with it. Medical images need to be transferred to a PACS to keep them safe and private. Always ask your vendors if the software you’re buying will work with the PACS.Otherwise, you might have to create separate storage protocols for your X-ray images.

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