4 Ways Digital Radiography Can Increase Your Clinic’s Bottom Line

X Ways Digital Radiography Can Increase Your Clinic’s Bottom Line

The most recent figures on healthcare point out that nearly $3.65 trillion were spent in 2018. According to official projections, spending will increase by 5.5% through 2018–2027 to reach $6 trillion by the end of 2027.

This expected increase in spending represents an increase in the demand for healthcare, which will translate into higher patient volumes through healthcare facilities throughout the US.

Increase in patient volumes presents an opportunity to generate greater revenues and profits, if and only if you improve institutional efficiency to manage the higher loads. Technology upgrades like the introduction of DR can significantly improve service provision efficiency to help your treat more patients within the same time frames. Additionally, upgrading to digital radiography need not be expensive owing to its compatibility with older X-ray units and retrofit potentials.

This blog will point out the specific ways through which DR can increase your clinic’s bottom lines.

DR Is Faster Than Conventional Radiography

DR imaging equipment can produce full resolution images in periods as low as 10 seconds. Supporting image acquisition software can render these images within 4 seconds, to allow for near-instantaneous internal transmissions as well as across different clinics. The faster image acquisition and transmission helps you cater to more patients than before, to generate more revenue.

Higher Imbursements For Imaging

xray solutionThe federal government recently came out with a statement that it will charge a penalty on all imbursements made to imaging facilities still using CR or film X-rays. As part of a strategy to spur on full-scale adoption of DR imaging across all healthcares in the US, Medicare will now pay 20% less for all CR and film-based X-rays. If you want to avoid these penalties, you should switch over to DR instead of other radiography methods.

Improved Image Consistency

X-ray clarity relies on how effectively the detector captures photons relative to the background noise interfering with the image.  Film X-rays detectors and CR have fairly low photon absorption rates of about 30%, while DR detectors have a high photon absorption rate of 65%. The image clarity produced by DR flat panels reduces the number of X-ray retakes before a suitable image is captured.

Efficient Workflowfilm

DR systems are supported by image acquisition software and PACS to allow a full integration of your clinic’s information system. This increases the rate of information transfer within the clinic and across different healthcare facilities. With smaller waiting times, through faster data transfers, you can also achieve faster service delivery times.


At ExamVue, we offer podiatry digital x-ray solutions, veterinary and orthopedic digital xray systems including DR flat panel detectors, and our patented DynaVue and DirectVet systems. We also offer image acquisition software and PACS solutions to improve imaging quality throughout your clinics. Get in touch with us today for more information on our products.

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