5-5-5 Coverage Program— ExamVue’s Unique Customer Coverage Solution

5-5-5 Coverage Program— ExamVue’s Unique Customer Coverage Solution

DR equipment is sensitive hardware and must be handled with care. There will be moments when the equipment malfunctions because of damage or the software doesn’t respond to your commands—that much is true for equipment from all manufacturers.

What isn’t true for all manufacturers though is the utmost commitment to ensuring smooth operations throughout your healthcare facilities—that’s what ExamVue offers.

We’ve been offering imaging solutions to the healthcare industry for about forty years, offering high quality imaging equipment and some of the best customer support services. Our DR flat panel detectors are a low cost retrofit solution and our 5-5-5 Coverage Program is one of the most extensive coverage programs throughout the industry.

While we are known for our DR flat panel detectors, image acquisition software and PACS, our coverage program is how we’ve helped build and maintain business relationships.  To us, service provision includes offering a solution and making sure that it continues working for you so you get your money’s worth.

The 5-5-5 Coverage Program

Despite offering some of the most affordable DR imaging solutions in the industry, we reduce the possibility of potentially high technical support costs, which many healthcare facility administrators are often wary of.

The more salient features of our coverage program include:panel

5 Years of Drop Coverage

In addition to all of our detectors being covered in an insulated rubber casing to minimize risks of damage, we also offer coverage for certain repairs. The coverage includes a deductible from the full cost of repairs and is subjected to terms and conditions that you can learn of through our sales teams.

5 Years of Remote Software Support

ExamVue DR acquisition and PACS software offers some of the widest range of functionalities compared to all other software providers. With full DICOM compatibility, image manipulation tools and multi-screen viewing capabilities, our software can significantly improve your diagnostic efficacy. In the event that the software malfunctions in any way, our team will always be on-hand to help resolve those issues as quickly as possible. We will not charge extra for this service for the 5-years following the purchase of our equipment and software.

5-Year Hardware Warranty

Our hardware warranty includes coverage for any repairs on our equipment. Much like the drop coverage, this warranty is also subject to certain terms and condition and you can qualify for a deductible to have all repairs completed at a fraction of the actual price.

ExamVue is a premium supplier of digital radiography equipment in the US. Our products include DR flat panel detectors, image acquisition software and Examvue PACS software. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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